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Wholesale Workwear

When browsing the stock featured on our online store you will no doubt notice our extensive range of hand tools, storage solutions, electrical equipment and power tool accessories. Over 2,000 industrial outlets throughout the UK are currently being supplied by Garrison Dales, and as such you can be assured we understand the importance of maintaining a wide variety of stock, and fulfilling your customers’ needs whatever type of product they’re in search of. The world is more connected than ever, and shopping around for deals and competition has never been easier. Making sure customers are kept in-store for all their needs is a necessary step towards creating sales opportunities.

Providing your customers with safety equipment and reliable workwear is an excellent way of drawing in additional sales and keeping them tied to your outlet. Garrison Dales can supply you with a wide variety of products geared towards this purpose at competitive price points and featuring top-tier construction quality.

In terms of general clothing, kneepads, gloves and insulated non-puncture boots sell well among the general public. For more particular engagements, such as a home improvement programme requiring carpentry or painting, overalls, respirators and eye protection such as goggles make for sound investments.

For professionals, or just those seeking a little extra safety, you can expect to see sales of fall arrests, full face protectors and safety helmets. The former and latter are ideal for on-site work, and face protection is a must for any metalwork or power-tool based carpentry.