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Workwear Wholesalers

We usually focus on our extensive stock of power tool accessories, hand tools and electrical equipment. But by supplying over two thousand companies across the United Kingdom we recognise the importance of stocking every kind of product your customers might be looking for. In a connected environment where consumers can so easily research their options, keeping customers in store is essential to maintaining profits and generating sales.

There is a wide range of safety equipment available on our website, appealing to everything from amateur DIY enthusiasts to professionals engaging in intensive or dangerous labour. For basic, home-based work many consumers will want to invest in gloves and kneepads, sometimes along with skin care products if they are ill-used to the labour. For carpentry and painting, overalls, masks and respirators sell well, and goggles or full face protectors accompany any extended labour using power tools.

For professional and site work you can expect to see good sales of fall arrests, safety helmets and non-puncture, insulated footwear, though the latter can also be marketed effectively to general users. First Aid Kits round out our stock, being a necessity both at home and in the workplace for anyone engaging in physical labour.

Visit our website and browse the stock we have on display, and decide whether Garrison Dales is the right wholesalers to expand your trade of Work Wear and safety equipment. Contact us with queries or to set up an order and someone will be happy to help.