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Chemical Resin

Chemical Resin  creates a secure, watertight bond. The Resin is injected into the hole where it fills all irregularities to create an airtight seal with virtually no limit on depth. The molecular structure means an even distribution of stress too, so there's less risk of subsequent damage. resin fixings are an ideal solution if you need to fix something heavy to concrete, brick or stone. Installing old fashioned expansion bolts into masonry risks cracking or splitting it, so resin anchors can be positioned close to the edge. They can also be used in damaged masonry as the resin used does not expand but actually bonds to the substrate

Resin anchors allow you to fix heavy loads to concrete or stone walls and brickwork, such as joists and girders, brackets, aerials, gate posts etc


  • Drill a hole to the deisired depth in a concrete, brick or stone wall  
  • Clean the hole with a cleaning brush and a blow pump to remove any debris 
  • Use an applicator gun to inject the hole with resin  
  • Slowly rotate a chemical anchor stud or bolt into the resin
  • Allow the resin to set around the anchor bolt

300ml Styrene Free Chemical Resin Cartridge

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410ml Chemical Resin Cartridge

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PTI Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

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PTI Resin Gun

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Spare Nozzle for Resin

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